Truzo (Pty) Ltd (

Through our multi –currency web and app based platforms, we act as a trusted 3rd party payment provider, verify both buyers and sellers and ensure that nobody is scammed. In just 4 simple steps, Agree, Secure, Deliver & Pay, we ensure buyers get exactly what they’ve paid for and sellers/ services providers receive payment on delivery of goods or services.

Envisionit Deep AI (

Established in 2019, Envisionit Deep AI is an innovative medical technology company that utilizes AI to streamline and improve medical imaging diagnosis for radiologists.

We are guided by OUR VISION to positively impact the lives of children in Africa by using revolutionary technology to democratise access to healthcare for all.

Previous Services Offered

Envisionit Stock Lending Solutions (ESLS)

Established in 2012, ESLS is a true pioneer in transformation within the securities lending industry. At the time, it was the first and only independent, black owned and black operated securities lending business in South Africa. With the ability to locate sought-after stocks and innovation with an in-house developed online borrowing platform, the company was designed to cater to the growing scrip lending appetite of growing hedge funds. The success of ESLS lead to the sale of the business to Zarclear Holdings in March 2019.
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